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Ruti Sela& Maayan Amir, Image Blockade, Exterritory Project, 2015

Image Blockade, 28:30 min, 2015

The following work depicts a scientific experiment we initiated in collaboration with neuroscientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science.The experiment examines the brain activity responses of 8200 intelligence unit veterans to a letter of refusal signed by peers in their unit, whose identities were withheld when released in the media.
As part of the experiment, we plant additional information in the original media interviews.

Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir, Scenarios Preparations, 2015,35 min

Scenarios Preparations, 38:20 min, 2015

We joined the preparations for the 2011 Gaza flotilla protesting the Israeli ongoing siege that was being organized by a Dutch NGO. Scenarios Preparedness is comprised of footage filmed during preparations for the action which were held in different locations including a secret location from were the boat was meant to depart. The participants in the initiative are preparing toward the prospects of the military confiscation of their footage. The work addresses the ties between law of war and performativity as well as transparency and activism.


EXTRAS, 2:00 min, Loop, 2012

We ordered from a movies extras agency a group of non-professional actors and invited them to participate in a choreography we created by using latest developments in TMS technology. TMS involves an external non invasive method, which can cause brain activity through electromagnetic stimulation of magnetic fields in specific parts of human brain which produces and controls body movement. This is the first time it is used on a group of people at the same time.

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Beyond Guilt – The Trilogy, 2003-2005, 42:00 min.
Sela and Amir investigates pick-up bars, internet dating sites and call girl services, revealing the deep effects of the military experience on the most intimate practices of young Israelis. As they actively participate and try to seduce young men in restrooms of pick-up joints, schedule anonymous sessions with S&M partners and pay a prostitute to film them with her in a
hotel room, the two upset the balances of power between photographer and photographed; masculine and feminine; object and subject. More than anything, however, the trilogy reveals the effects of the occupation, terror and militarism as factors delineating the Israeli identity, even in the most private of moments.


Flags of Convenience,  (Project in Progress)

The current work would continue our ongoing exploration of “Flags of Convenience”- an extraterritorial practice that is based on registration of ships and other maritime vessels in a sovereign state different from that of the ship owners, using instead the flags of some extremely poor countries, mainly in South America and Africa. This practice is a step often taken to circumvent legal requirements and avoid minimal human right standards. As ships territories are legally perceived as the extension of the flag state territory, the flag dictates the regulation that abide its owner. The work “Flags of Convenience” will address the gravity of the situation by exploring the ties of this phenomenon to the tragedy of the refugee.